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Our third annual Swarovski in-store event at San Bernardino
Community, third in the trilogy of the Wonders of the Sea Series, available in two stunning features, Clear and Color.

Collectors were busy wanting to finish the third in the trilogy-"Community"

It was a great turn out!

Dora Robinson was a lucky winner of the Red flower.

Debra Collins trying on the latest Jewelery on Frances McCleod.

Lucky winner Debra, won the mini star Snowflake ornament.

Mr Arellano was a lucky winner-Jane has a great smile.

Walt Lindsey was a lucky winner, he was very much surprised.

Patricia Hannifin our newest collector for Swarovski had a blast! She also went home with a piece.

Polly Linton always a lucky winner. She also won at Temecula. No wonder she has a great smile!

Luis Gonzales Jr. was our grand prize winner! He won the baby dolphin.

Gerald Jones was our winner aswell, well deserved.
Thank you once again for taking our pictures.
Thank you all for attending our 3rd Annual Swarovski Event. As always, we truly appreciate your loyalty and support!!