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We were honored and priveleged
to have such a talented Artist as
Thomas Blackshear amongst us on December 2nd, 2006.

An award winning African American
Artist-Thomas Blackshear unveils his brand new Art at Unique Gifts & Collectibles.

"Embracing the Future"

A new level of Art unveiled by Thomas. Limited Edition of 150 in this particular color scheme available only at Unique Gifts.
Retail: $995.00
Remembering Romance are his upcoming sculptures in this new beginning. Remembering is absolutely mesmerized by the Beauty of Romance. These beautiful pieces of art are sculpted from different pewter and patinas to give it a museum look.

Retail: $850

Retail: $850

"Spring Blossom"

"Rose Beauty"

Our three beautiful collectors did a fabulous job in dressing up as:
The evening Rose debut Ed.-Avis Rodgers (left)
The Rose Beauty-Raquel Rodgers (center)
Spring Blossom-Debra Collins (right)
They certainly surpised Thomas!

Barbara Johnson
has a big smile-a picture with Thomas and Rose Beauty and Tiny Tina her winning piece, who wouldn't have a big smile!

Lots of winners went home with beautiful Ebony visions pieces-Katherine Domingue won an AP Jack & Zack!-congrats!

"Evening Rose-Debut Edition"

Surprises were in order. Thomas was definetly surpised by the cake with the picture of his new beginning "Embracing the Future"

Thomas recieved a very special gift for his new beginning-a personalized dollar bill for his new beginning created by our young graphics designer-Sahil Patadia.

Polly Linton
-won "planting a Kiss"

Nadine Ward
was another lucky winner-She took home "Jay Jay & Cluck " military version and signed!
Awards of Recoginition were in order for everyone's hard work
With out Team work it just wouldn't have been possible to have a successful event-
"We Love you Thomas"

Thomas Blackshear-His work of excellence and dedicaiton to his art. Thanks for touching som many lives with your fine artistic ability.

Avis Rodgers
-dressed up as
"Evening Rose in Black"

Deborah Collins
-Dressing up as
"Spring Blossom"

Brenda Bristow
-Helped out in preparing for the event.

Raquel Rodgers
-thanks for dressing up as "Rose Beauty"

Helen Delegau
-event coordinator-great job, Thanks for everything

Gerald Jones
-our efficient and excellent photographer-Thanks Jerry

Katrin O'Leary
-coordinator for this wonderful event!
Dinner with Thomas - Wow! What an honor!