Mobile Edition

“When You Hold My Hand I Feel So Grand”
“Toy Story”
Dumbo with Mother
“Bubbling Over With Happiness”
“Prince Charming And Snow White”
“Your Love Brings Out The Good In Me”
Girl As Snow White On Carousel Horse Musical
You Hold The Key To My Heart
“Grandma Loves Me” - Girl
“Your Love Lifts Me”
“Love You Lots!” Glass Bud Vase
The Power Of Your Love Astounds Me - Deluxe Musical
Life Is So Sweet With You
Ariel - Musical Water Globe
Love You More - Boy
I Love You To The Moon And Back
Happily Ever After
Always In My Heart
I'm Always My "Selfie" With You!
All The Reasons I Love Mom - Girl
I Cherish Our Time Together
Mom, You're A Blessing
Love You Mom - Girl
A Decade Of Dreams Come True - 10th Anniversary
Will You Marry Me?
Poor Unfortunate Souls
For The One I Love - Please Say Yes...
You Make My Heart Sing
Just The Two Of Us

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