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Spring Butterflies
Best Mom!* (boy)
Best Mom!* (girl)
Bluebird of Happiness
May Flowers
To Mom With Love! (boy)
To Mom With Love! (girl)
To Mom With Love! (girl)
Her Easter Goodie Basket*
Happiest Easter*
Easter Romper Girl*
Post a Note
Crystal's Ice Palace
Christmas Cottage
Pulling Together
A Wish for Happiness in Pink!*
L'il Monster in October Orange*
Christmas Crayons
Sweet Treater
Fancy Footwear
Kitty Cuddle
Poppy's Bubble
Young Annette In Central Park
Game Night!
July 4th Cupcake Treat
Color Me RWB
Mom's Cupcake Treat
Easter Cupcake Treat
Oopsy Bunny!
Racey Chicks

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